Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions(' Terms,' and' Accords') are an arrangement between you and you(' users','' you' or' your') and the Website Administrator(' uses' or' our operators'). The terms of use of the articonews.com web site and any of its products or services are specified in this Agreement (collectively, "web site" or "services").


For the contents residing on the website, we are not liable. We are not liable for any loss of contents in any circumstances. It is your sole responsibility to keep your contents properly backed up. Nevertheless, we may be able to restore some or all your data, which has been deleted at some times and in certain cases, without any responsibility, if we have backed up data for our very purposes. We don't make sure you have the details you need.

Links to other websites

While this Website may link to other websites, no agreement, association, sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation with any Website linked directly or indirectly to this Website shall be made unless specifically indicated on it. We are not responsible for the evaluation or evaluation of any companies or individuals offered or for the contents of their websites. We do not guarantee them. For the actions, products, services and content of any other third parties, we accept no liability. We accept no liability. The legal statements and other terms of use on any website you access via the link on this website should be carefully reviewed. You are at your own risk for your connection to any other off-site websites.

Limitation of liability

To the fullest extent permitted to do so under the law applicable, in no way shall any person, for (a), indirect, incidental, extraordinary, punitive, protected or consequential damages be held liable for the Website Operator, its associates, owners, officers, employees, officers and licensors (including loss of profit, sales and benefit, goodwill, use of content and impacts of company, cooker, etc.). Whether the Website Operator has been informed that such damages might be possible or might have been foreseen. The total liability of website operators and their associates, employees, agents, suppliers and licensees, in connection with their services, for the period prior to a month prior to the first event or occurrence which results in that event shall be limited to an amount greater than $1 dollar or any amounts actually payable in cash by the Website operator. The restrictions and exclusions shall also be valid if this remedy does not compensate you adequately for any damage or failure to achieve its important aim.

Changes and amendments

We may, at any time after posting the updated version of this Agreement on the Website, change this Agreement or its Website or services policies. If we do, at the beginning of this page we'll amend the revised date. Your agreement to these changes shall be your continued use of the website after such modifications have taken place. WebsitePolicies also established rules.

Acceptance of these terms

You understand that you have read and adhere to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. You agree to be bound by this Agreement through the use of the Website or its Services. You are not allowed to use or use the Website and its Services if you do not wish to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

Contacting us

To learn more about this Agreement or to contact us on matters related to it, you may do so via the If you would like to contact us contact form