Best Love Quotes and Poems

Best Love Quotes and Poems

What is Love?

People talk about love as if you could offer it, like an armful of flowers. So love like that is offered to lots of people–just drop it on top of you, a pointless, strong-scented burden. I don't think you can give them anything. Love is a power in you that makes you to give things different. It's that force of inspiration. It helps you to give another person energy, control, liberty and peace. This is not an outcome; it is a source. It is not a product; it is manufacturing. It is a power, like energy, or electricity, or stream. It is worthless unless there is something else you can give through it.


A Gift for You

Beautiful and surprising gifts in all the shops 
I saw as I passed by; 
Gold and jewels and costly robes, 
Gifts that money can buy. 
I have none of these beautiful gifts; 
But something that I value most, 
I am giving a gift to you 
Within your heart to hold; 
Something that none can take away; 
That rust cannot decay. 
But more precious than the gifts I saw 
In the shop windows there. 
Something that outlasts the passing years; 
Something steadfast and true. 
With a heart of joy and gratitude. 
This is the gift I’m giving you today ….. 
My unending love for you. 


What is this thing called Love?

What is this thing called love? 
You cannot feel it, yet is has a touch 
So gentle yet strong 
You feel you belong. 
What is this thing called love? 
You cannot smell it, yet you know it’s there 
It’s in the air 
It’s everywhere. 
What is this thing called love? 

You cannot taste it, yet it has a flavor 
We all love to savour 
Sweet or sour, it still has power. 
What is this thing called love? 
You cannot hear it, yet it’s loud and clear 
Music to the ear 
Heart beats are heard like the song of a bird. 
What is this thing called love? 
You cannot see it, yet has a hold, 
Young or old, 
Or rich or poor, for evermore. 


Perfect Love Is………………

Slow to suspect --- quick to trust 
Slow to condemn ---quick to defend 
Slow to offend --- quick to justify 
Slow to expose --- quick to shield 
Slow to belittle --- quick to appreciate 
Slow to demand --- quick to give 
Slow to provoke --- quick to win over 
Slow to hinder --- quick to help 
Slow to resent --- quick to forgive 


A Messenger of Love

Go to the fields and gardens, 
and you will learn that 
it is the pleasure of the bee 
to gather the honey of the flower. 
But the pleasure of the flower 
is also to give the bee its honey. 
For to the bee the flower is the fountain of life, 
and to the flower the bee is the messenger of love, 
and for both the bees and the flowers 
the gift and the receipt of pleasure 
is a necessity and an ecstasy; 


Silent Love through Words

In our day to day life we feel love in so many 
little things we do for each other. But sometimes 
it’s better to express our “silent” love through 
words. I want to tell you that if every happiness you’ve 
given to me were a star, the sky won’t be able to hold them all !
and if I were to express my love for you, a life-time wouldn’t 
be enough to contain it. Thanks for making me feel the kind of 
love which I never knew could exist. 


The A to Z of ‘Love’

Acceptance therefore experience it. 
Blessing therefore receive it. 
Commitment therefore fulfill it. 
Duty therefore perform it. 
Endurance therefore learn it. 
Freedom therefore enjoy it. 
Genuine therefore manifest it. 
Hope therefore unfold it. 
Intimacy therefore exchange it. 
Joy therefore share it. 
Kindness therefore render it. 
Light therefore radiate it. 
Miracle therefore admire it. 
Newness therefore feel it. 
Option therefore choose it. 
Passion therefore control it. 
Question therefore answer it. 
Reality therefore accept it. 
Song therefore sing it. 
Treasure therefore guard it. 
Understanding therefore realize it. 
Vow therefore keep it. 
Wonder therefore believe it. 
Xcitement therefore live it. 
Yoke therefore wear it. 
Zeal therefore explore it. 


Love to Unite

The world is more wonderful and life much more 
Lovely for men, because women exist and, 
For women because there are men. 
And there is something called ' love ' for each of them, 
which unites them and cherishes each other eternally. 


Love Is the Big Thing

To fall in love with someone else is to take 
ourselves seriously. We are saying we have 
Found someone of extraordinary value and 
we are offering ourselves to them. If the love 
is for real, the offer is forever. There’s just 
no bigger compliment to pay than to fall in 
love with someone. It’s the ultimate in human 
relationships. It’s the highest value we can place 
on ourselves and on someone else. 


Three Important Things in Love

The first most important thing in love life is 
To love someone. 

The second important point of love in life is 
To have someone love you. 

The third most important thing in love life is 
To have the first two phase to happen at the same time! 


I Am Your Forever

I am thirsty for your love, 
My beloved! 
I shall make this body a lamp 
And my tender heart 
Shall be its wick. 
I shall fill it with the scented oil 
Of my young love and burn it 
Night and day at your shrine, 
O Beloved! 
For your love I shall sacrifice 
All the wealth of my youth. 
Your name shall be the crown 
On my head. 


You and I have met

That of all the thousands 
And millions of people in the world, 
You and I have met 
Perhaps it was all planned that way 
Long by destiny before we were even born. 
If I know what love is, 
It is because of you. 
Yet I can’t express what love is 
But I feel it in your gentle touch, 
I see it in your beautiful eyes 
And I hear it in your tender voice. 
The sweetest melody that lingers in me is 
‘we are in love with love’! 


Love and Romance

Romance is a rainbow that links two hearts. No wonder then that romance, the intoxicant which seems to taste good in the beginning apparently a promise to provide some sort of joy that is but temporary. The most the two hearts begin to taste of the hidden joy of romance, the more their joy seems to grow. Love is an experience in inter-subjectivity. Your beloved is a subject to be cherished, not an object to be possessed. Love that transcends romance is the best gift that you can give to your beloved! 


Virtues of True Love

I want to love you without squeezing, 
I want to admire you without criticizing, 
I want to enter you without interfering, 
I want to welcome you without asking, 
I want to leave you without remorse, 
I want to criticize you without blame. 
If I can have the same thing from you, 
we can really get together and complement each other. 


The Dimensions of Love

Infantile love follows the principle: 
“I love because I am loved” 

Mature love follows the principle: 
“I am loved because I love” 

Immature love says: 
“I love you because I need you” 

Mature love says: 
“I need you because I love you” 


Love and Infatuation

Infatuation is a superficial attraction, usually aroused by the personal appearance of the other. Love is much more than infatuation though at times infatuation may lead to love. Infatuation is instant whereas love emerges from patience in seeking the good of the other. Infatuation is marked by a feeling of insecurity and temporal excitement and enthusiasm is part of it, whereas love is trusting and touches the heart of the other in a most noble and profound manner. True love always germinates from the heart and grows one day at a time – from an acorn into an oak, firmly rooted in reality.


Prayer of Lovers

Creator of love, in all your creation, there has never been a more perfect creature than man and woman. Thank you for giving me a wonderful person as my partner through who I experience you love. Lord, it is you who have kindled in our hearts the flam of love. So often in our love, we need to be reminded of your gift of love and live the way you want us. Bless us to be ever united in love, understanding and respecting each other. In spite of our weaknesses and failures, let our love for each other grow in sweet communion and companionship. May evil desires never find any place in our genuine bond of love. Keep us close in this life and the life to come to praise your holy name. Amen
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