There is a best formula to succeed. There must be a plus factor if one has come to the top and is entrusted with the decisions of commands. To explain this characteristic, there is only one word called: INTEGRITY, where success awaits for you. 

Basically the word means wholeness. A man of integrity isn’t separated against himself. He doesn’t think of one thing and say another. Integrity  means having a positive built in attitudes and success will definitely come.


Integrity means living up to the paramount in yourself. Apparent failure and obstacles are times to put forth the best in yourself.

Integrity means having a highly developed sense of honour. Not just honesty, mind you honour. What is the honour of a man? To be a true individual: an individual true to his own standards and hence to himself.

Integrity means having a conscience and listening to it. Even at the risk of ones life one dares to stand by ones convictions derived from a clear conscience.

Integrity means having the courage of your convictions. This includes the capacity to cling to what you think is right, to go it alone when necessary, and to speak out against what you know is wrong.

Integrity means obedience to the unenforceable. In a way this is the heart or it. No one force you to live up to the best in yourself. No one can compel you to get involved. No one can make you obey your conscience. A person of integrity does these things anyway.

Difficult? Yes. That is why true integrity is rare, and admired. But in terms of ultimate reward it’s worthy all the effort. Just consider a few dividends that integrity pays:

Boldness: Integrity gives a person the boldness. A person of integrity has confidence and believes in himself because he has no reason to distrust himself.

Persistence: In nothing great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of good sense.

Serenity: these people seem to have a kind of built in equanimity that enables them to accept setbacks, or even injustices.

To attain this, the first step is schooling yourself to practice total honesty in little things. When you really seek integrity and begin to find it, it develops its own power that sweeps you along.

It’s the best formula because – regardless of fame, money, power or any of the conventional yardsticks if you seek and find integrity, you are a success. This are the best foolproof formula to success.

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