Write a Resume/ CV Online

Write a Resume/ CV Online

A perfect resume / CV online in professional formats can be developed here. 

What is a resume/ CV for a job?

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a record of your work experience, professional accomplishments, qualifications, skills, certifications and other information that make a resume for a job. Typically it's the first touch between a firm and a nominee.

It is considered a curriculum vitae (CV) by the U.S. and Canada and the rest of the world. The words resume and CV are likely to be used by South Africa, India, New Zealand, and Australia.

This is how to write a curriculum vitae: 

  • Choose the Correct Summary / CV Template
  • Add Your Personal Details and Contact Information
  • Start with a Heading Statement (Overview / CV Summary or Objective)
  • List your relevant work and key achievements
  • List Your Training Appropriately
  • Include Relevant Skills
  • Including Additional Essential Summary / CV Parts
  • Complement Your Description with a cover Letter Proofread, Download & Email

Examples for an effective resume summary of your particular situation: 

  1. Resume With No Experience
  2. Teen Resume
  3. Military to Civilian Resume
  4. Federal Resume
  5. Resume With Employment Gaps
  6. Entry-Level Resume
  7. Student Resume
  8. Internship Resume
  9. Career Change Resume
  10. Specific Resume Examples

Below is the screenshot of different types of Resume/ CV format. See which suites you the best. Click the button CREATE YOUR RESUME NOW and you will be guided to prepare the Resume/ CV for your Job. 

Types of Resume/ CV
Types of Resume/ CV

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