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Wordpress Tutorial | Top 50 Websites to Learn WordPress Development | Beginners to Advanced

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems also know as (CMS)

A content management system is a web application that allows non-technical folks to manage and maintain a website.Content management system handles many aspects of the website delivery process like navigation elements, providing searchable and indexed content etc. Another feature offered by popular CMS platforms is a user system, and the CMS generally handles permissions, security and personalization.

Even if WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, it is not the only one. Alternatives include Drupal, Blogger, TidyCMS and many others.

Once wordpress is installed, the website administrators can generally update, edit and maintain the site through CMS backend or dashboard. You can do things like changing the theme — which changes the style and design of the website — and add plug-ins.

There is no incorrect or appropriate way to use WP.

as it has been heavily adapted for countless websites during its existence. It can be used for eCommerce, forums, professional profiles, magazines and online publications, and much more.

Some quick WP Stats:

  • WordPress powers 24.1% of all websites on the internet
  • That’s 60.2% of the CMS market share
  • 48 percent of the 10,000 websites are powered by WordPress
  • It powers 51% of the top 100,000 website

Where Should You Start with WordPress?

Many people don't realize that it's pretty easy to teach you about coding and website design. For attend a university program you do not need to spend thousands of dollars. You don't even have to attend a certificate at a tech school. With practice, you can master these abilities.
A CMS like WordPress simplifies much of the design process. On your domain server, you can install the platform and go.

Yet, everyone has to start somewhere. You’re not going to pull knowledge out of thin air; you’ll need to do a lot of reading and rely on available references to get your career jumpstarted.

To help, we’ve compiled a huge list of 50 resources that will either show you how to get started with WordPress or broaden your existing skillset.

Top 50 Websites to Learn WordPress Development

Until you dive in, know that not every tool in the list needs to be examined. We will clarify which choices are right for you — whether you are beginner, middle-aged or expert.

Keep in brain, the resources here are not listed in any particular order .

1. WordPress Essential Training with Morten Rand-Hendriksen (Lynda.com)

Similar to Treehouse or CodeSchool, Lynda is an online coding school. Morten Rand-Hendriksen's specific lessons provide an excellent way to learn the WordPress application. Hendriksen’s lessons are incredibly easy to follow and he takes everything step-by-step. You will need to go into these lessons with some basic knowledge of coding. It is a paid course, but you can test out the waters with a free course preview before spending any money. Basic access to Lynda.com courses is $24.99 per month, with more expensive plans offered, as well. It’s worth noting that with a basic subscription you won’t be given access to course project files.

Price: Starts at $24.99/month

2. WPBeginner by Awesome Motive Inc

This website is especially adapted for newbies and we mean newbies when we say newbies. You don't have to continue with previous coding experience. It's a great resource to create and launch the site for WordPress. You learn how to install new subjects, plugins and create content for other users. Best of all, the access is free and a large number of classrooms, including videos, written articles, guides and tutorials, etc., are available.
Price: Free

3. Official WordPress Codex

WordPress also has an official software codex like many programming frameworks, languages and developer platforms. As a WordPress developer, you will need to learn the codex, it is free, detailed, and covers an array of topics from beginners to experts.
Price: Free

4. Make WordPress Blog

For this site, which primarily covers potential features, changes and hotfixes for the website, the WordPress developer is responsible. If you want to keep up to date, then it's the place to visit.
Price: Free

5. Udemy WordPress Courses

Udemy is another online coding school with a wide range of free, paid courses
Price: Starts at $19

6. Team Treehouse with Zac Gordon

Treehouse offers high-quality, professional language and coding courses. The basic plan is 25 dollars a month and the pro plan 49 dollars a month.
Price: Starts at $25/month

7. WordPress.tv by Automattic

WordCamp is a forum for professional website developers and owners who like to focus on WordPress. Each of the participants participates, share ideas and get to know each other, from casual users to core developers. All keynotes, speakers and different discussions are recorded and posted on line to people not able to attend. That's where it enters into play WordPress.tv. It is the location that uploads the videos and can always be transmitted.
Price: Starts at $40 to attend the conference in-person.

8. WP Apprentice by Kirk Biglione

It tool covers most of the basics, therefore it's convenient for you to work on websites and to start with WordPress, if you have never dealt on sites before. The courses are not free, unfortunately. You'll learn such things as WordPress plugins, screen options, thematic design and more. As far as the teacher is concerned, he is well-known and takes things relatively slowly so that the concepts can easily be followed. Premium access begins at $47, which tends to be a one-time fee.
Price: $47 for lifetime access to this resource.

9. WP Theming

This is the tool for you if you are more interested in themes and plugins. The site is operated by Devin Price, an owner of a company that operates own sites on WordPress. During the production of topics and plugins, he documents his experience on the web, including how he addresses issues with his code.
Price: Free

10. WebDesign by iThemes

iThemes develops many tools like BackupBuddy, Exchange and others for the WordPress platform. This specific training library is your tool for new users who want the program started. Again you will need to pay to get access to lessons. This is not a free resource. Look at one of the many free resources in this list, if you don't want to invest money. It is $197 to enter the group–which gives you access to the whole lection and material library.
Price: $197 for a one-year membership

11. BlogAid by MaAnna Stephenson

A $1 subscription would give you two weeks of different lessons, not just working in WordPress. The lessons, however, are all very good, properly organized and remarkably easy to monitor.
Price: Starts at $1 for two weeks of access

12. BobWP by Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn has started his own WordPress training site and since then has developed a valuable resource with BobWP instruction, guidance and guidance. It provides some tips on getting started with WordPress but a majority of its material is about Genesis and WooThemes.
Price: Free

13. Tuts+ WordPress Lessons

Tuts+ is an excellent place to find more technical tutorials. You could have a hard time getting to know some of the principles that are discussed here if you are a beginner. You can feel at home if you have previous experience with WordPress. The topics covered include WordPress, WooCommerce, prototype tags and much more object-oriented programming.
Price: Free

14. Tom McFarlin’s Blog

In fact, Tom is the main developer of Pressware, and he writes on his personal blog about his work with the platform. He has partnered with WPBeginner since, but archived content is still available. More information is available. He has very insightful perspectives, but his subjects are best suited for skilled developers.
Price: Free

15. Smashing Magazine

This is a web design blog covering a large variety of subjects. They usually post their WordPress posts weekly. Each of them covers a new subject, several resources as a detailed tutorial or guide. Famous creators of the WordPress site usually have guest blogs such as Tom McFarlin, Siobhan McKeown and many more. It is an excellent resource for professional developers.
Price: Free

16. WP Mayor

A lot of WordPress tips and features are published in this website. Some subjects are for beginners, whereas other subjects are coders with more experience. Everyone interested in working with this platform can access the site on all sides.

Price: Free

17. ManageWP Blog

This is the place to go if you look for further advanced tips and guides regarding topics and plugins. The site is regularly updated and is a place you want to check again.
Price: Free

18. Paulund

Paul Underwood is a seasoned web developer and blogger who works everyday with WordPress. He designed the Paulund website to share coding tutorials— small bits of code that could be used for a particular task. More recently, Paul began developing his own plugins and shared his insights with guides and tutorials.
Price: Free

19. WP101

You probably have now learned this is pretty common in these online schools. WP101 is one of those colleges that work with the platform directly on WordPress. Free samples are available to test the water before paying, but make no mistake: this is a premium resource to pay for access. There's nothing about making a WordPress website, so it's the place if you know how to do it all. This is not to say for experts, because for people who start with the web there are many of the principles.
Price: $19/month or $39/year

20. Konstantin Kovshenin

Constantine Kovshenin, an Automattic and WordPress Core creator, created this blog. His blog focuses on several very advanced topics, such as  n noop() research and other plugin functions. Beginners will probably find little useful here, at least not until more experience is acquired.
Price: Free

21. Otto on WordPress

If you have worked with WordPress for years, and have a great deal of programming experience in its entirety, even with other languages, Otto's blog is the perfect place. You should check it out if you want advice on plug-in and theme dependencies, the tables, bugs in the website and more. Be aware, it is not regularly updated, in fact Otto's updates are pretty sporadic, but there is a lot of content to consume.
Price: Free

22. Mark Jaquith’s Blog

Mark Jaquith is a WordPress developer, and he offers freelancer services. He publishes his thoughts on working with the platform during his free time, many of them with tips, tricks and guides.
Price: Free

23. Reddit ProWordPress Subreddit

As with the above tools, ProWordPress is committed to the development of WordPress. It's not made for beginners. The most important thing to note about this sub-draft. In many respects, the topics addressed are most common in a Stack Overflow-like style with questions and answers.
Price: Free

24. Reddit WordPress Subreddit

Reddit is an excellent spot to find a wide range of news and rumors, guides, tutorials and even how-to tools. Which type of content are you going to see depends largely on your sub-forum visit. The sub-edit WordPress focuses entirely on the popular CMS platform— you guessed it.
Price: Free

25. WPLift

WPLift provides useful guides, tips and tutorials to work with WordPress, as do most of the web pages on this list. The cool thing about WPLift is that many features and articles about WordPress are also included. For example, there are weekly offers and coupons that include a complete list of all WordPress-related plugins, topics and add-ons for sale.
Price: Free

26. Torque

This website is a news portal that is created by the famous WP Engine web host. There are a number of publications, some focusing on WordPress, while others do not. For those who have no coding experience, the material on the website is extremely useful. A variety of resources including videos, podcasts, text tutorials and much more are available.
Price: Free

27. CSS-Tricks

This website offers a wide range of samples, tricks and tips, videos, and more. A whole range of subjects including PHP, JavaScript and CSS are covered on this website. Nonetheless, the WordPress section is what you want.
Price: Freemium

28. WP Kube

Like many other sites on this list, WP Kube is a powerful resource for WordPress lists, how-topics, guides and more. There are tips to coders of all levels of skill in the collection, but most of the content is tailor-made for beginner developers.
Price: Free

29. SiteGround WordPress Tutorial

This is a special way to get you started with WordPress and more for beginners who take you through the construction of the web. This is excellent if you want a guide who will walk through everything from start to finish.
Price: Free

30. Carrie Dil’s Blog

Carrie Dils has developed the Genesis Model mainly. Her personal blog discusses a variety of subjects specifically related to work with themes from Genesis and WordPress. Some of her content is more thoughtful, providing a thorough understanding of how to regularly work with WordPress and Genesis.
Price: Free

31. WPMU Dev

This is another WordPress resource site with daily posts on a wealth of subjects. Help with topics, plugins, services and much more is available. The Weekend WordPress Projects, a weekly feature distributed on Saturdays and Sundays, are their most impressive content. Each of you implements a short project to enhance your WordPress driven website— over the weekend. You'll want to bookmark this site for sure if you already have a website in place!
Price: Free

32. Stack Overflow WordPress Exchange

Stack Overflow is one of the most popular platform for developers to resolve problems. Those who need help can post questions, and other developers will respond and fix issues and fix bugs. It is beneficial when you run into code issues. They have a dedicated exchange with WordPress, which has already been packed with solved questions. You can post your own questions and receive the help you need if you don't know the answer to your own question.
Price: Free

33. Hongkiat

This website offers the ins and outs of various topics to teach designers, writers and developers. WordPress is one of the subjects. There are guides, instructions, including how to build the app, use shortcodes, plugins, and more. The WordPress site is regularly updated and is an excellent resource for coders of all kinds of levels of competence.
Price: Free

34. Andrew Nacin’s Blog

Andrew Nacin is another creator of WordPress Core who shares his ideas and experiences on a personal blog. Many of his posts concentrate on lighter materials such as Web gossip, automatic updates and more. Sure, not all of his articles are about WordPress, but there's interesting thoughts here. Make sure you check his post called a great contributor of wordpress.
Price: Free

35. Advanced WordPress Group

Advanced WordPress is a popular Facebook group in fact. Need not to refer to beginners. We also address WordPress, share tips and tricks, plans and offer support for each other. They have more than 5,000 members. Help and information can be supplied through loads of partnerships and services, so it's not just private.
Price: Free

36. WordPress Tavern

This blog belongs to the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. With WordPress apps, plugins, themes, activities, and much more, he regularly updates his blog.
Price: Free

37. ManageWP

ManageWP is a website for news curation–similar to Reddit–where users can share their articles and content in exchange for votes and community credit. It has been founded as an experiment by Vladimir Prevolac, but has become incredibly popular among the WordPress developer community ever since. If you want the news and information on WP up to date, this is the bookmark website.
Price: Free

38. wpMail.me

wpMail.me is a weekly newsletter, providing a selection of articles, plugins, themes, tutorials and more relevant to WordPress. You can subscribe to this newsletter if you plan to work with WordPress in any way.
Price: Free

39. Post Status

Post Status is solely responsible for news and updates related to WordPress, including community curated content. Some important group issues appear every time.
Price: Free

40. Matt Report

Matt Medeiro is the founding member of the Matt Report, a website based on WordPress ' business side. In other words, if your site is operated by the web and runs a business— big or small— it's perfect for money. Medeiro is also relatively famous for its Matt Report podcast.
Price: Free

41. WpRecipes

If you want fast tutorials with code snippets and WordPress tips, then WpRecipes is for you. It is better suited for intermediate to professional coders due to the nature of the material.
Price: Free


On the WPSNIPP, there are over 650 code snippets that can be copied and used on your own site. Obviously, you will want to be sure what each snippet does, and so it's just as useful to talk to developers about this.
Price: Free

43. WP-Snippets

Including WpRecipes and WPSNIPP, this website provides code snippets for your WordPress ventures.
Price: Free

44. Chris Lema’s Site

This is why Chris Lema explores the idea to use WordPress to further those achievements. Chris Lema is an established contractor. Lema frequently publishes articles on WordPress plugins, a very useful resource for working on the platform.
Price: Free

45. WPExplorer

This is another way and tutorials site with content covering several WordPress-related issues like your own theme, dashboard configuration, installation of plugins and many other stuff. It is an excellent resource for coders of all levels of competence. For regular updates when new content is written, we suggest signing up for the free e-mail newsletter.
Price: Free

46. Easy WP Guide

If, by more traditional means, you'd prefer to learn WordPress, like saying a novel, Simple WP Guide is a good candidate. It starts with your web site development and then goes on to more advanced topics such as the editing of subjects and specific files. The PDF–for offline access and analysis on a mobile device, laptop or e-learner-costs money. This software is available online for free.
Price: Starts at $4 for non-PDF reading formats.

47. Pippin’s Plugins

If you've already had WordPress training-any at all - and you've never ever heard of Williamson Pippin, you are lacking. Some excellent plugins, like WP101 and Easy Digital Downews, have been developed for the app. His personal blog, Pippins Plugins publishes articles, editorials, tips, guides and tutorials.
Price: Free

48. WP Sessions

This is an online premium coding school with a different approach. In reality, the content is delivered to experienced professionals as a live webinar. After a session is recorded, a variety of WordPress subjects are covered by a large library of lessons. Codes of every level of skill can be found here with security lessons, eCommerce WordPress installation.
Price: Starts at $9.

49. WordPress Visual Quickstart

In fact, this portal contains a number of resources. You may buy the WordPress Quickstart Visual book if you want a more detailed guide. You can visit the tutorials section if you want free content. Some of the material is outdated now, but much still works.
Price: Free

50. WPSquare

This Website contains articles, thematic guides, plugins, code snippets and much more. The pages you can participate to win are hosting free gifts. The incentive typically is free access or something close to a paid plug-in. On WordPress services, plugins, themes and more there are also tons of reviews.
Price: Free

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