Premium Booster Shopify Theme 2.2.1 Download

Download Premium Booster Shopify Theme 2.2.1

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What is Premium Booster Shopify Theme 2.2.1?

The theme of Booster is a very good theme. It's one of the best themes from Shopify. Sales can easily be enhanced using Booster theme features such as:

1 — Urgency with countdown timer 
2 — Shortness of the number left in stock
3 — Currency converter for worldwide consumer 
4 — Remaining stock progress bar 
5 — Visitor counter to rush the customer to buy faster 
6 — Trust with estimated delivery time 
7 — Increase trust with security badges 
8 — Raise interest with Read more button 
9 — Brand picture zoom for more information 
10 — Direct to cart

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