NLP Business | Download Full Course to Earn Six Figure Income

NLP Business | Download Full Course to Earn Six Figure Income | LIMITED AVAILABILITY

NLP Business Program is a verified 6 week online (including over 25 action item downloads and extra instruction videos - over 30 hours of content) implementation program that teaches you how to easily acquire high paying clients for free (between $1000-$2500+), become the face of your niche, master sales and 10X your income and business.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech proficiency or any prior business experience. The whole thing you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Battle tested and proven results

The methods taught in the NLP Business Program have been battle tested and proven with over 185 students around the world.

The program has helped hundreds of people quit their jobs, and created dozens of people making $10,000 or more per month.

These students are rewarded the "$10K-$250K Club Award" for their achievement with the program. 

Week one in NLP Business Program

In the first week we discuss the basic laws of hypnotherapy and coaching, so you understand the research behind it all. Once we have a clear understanding, we are able to work on the basis of your exact company. The foundations are such: choose your niche, build your offer, echo your message and test everything on the market to obtain feedback, iterate / improve, until the fitness of the offer market is achieved.

*General housekeeping and how to use the program
*The anatomy of a coaching and hypnotherapy business
*Viewing your market and niche
*Getting clear on your transformation
*Getting clear on your niche result
*Getting clear on your high priced marketing message
*Getting clear on your point of difference
*Getting clear on your price with MOS
*Payment plans options
*Setting your price ($1000-$2500 per client)

Week two in NLP Business Program

In week two, we talk about the science and the art of free marketing through social media to attract customers to your business. The only living and breathing expert that can deal with your problem can be seen in your audience from the grassroots strategies immediately and freely to hot niche campaigns. Week two telephone calls show you how to make your customers attract soft, ready for the purchase of your coaching and hypnotherapy company.

*How we apply our organic technique to find & book in clients (quickly)
*Hunting – increasing your social networks
*Proving – Positioning your proficiency to the right clients – Expert profiles
*Contacting – Generating regular 15 min calls
*Closing – doing tactic sessions and making money
*Setting up your booking arrangement and survey with ‘simplybookme’
*Using the tactic call script
*Iterating the tactic call script
*How to contract with objections
*How to get compensated in full
*30 Day schedule for your first $10,000 month (no paid ads)

Week three in NLP Business Program

In week three, we teach you a new business paradigm that is so deeply different that for the first time it's like seeing. They talk about why most people have distorted and damaging thoughts and beliefs, and how you can turn your whole brain back, so that it won't harm you. As part of the programme, your life will change.

*Know thy enemy as thyself
*Denial – the virus of all suffering and pain​
*Facing the music – Breaking free of your old realism​
*The mirror of life and success​
*Life and business connections​
*Systemise & standardize your life and business (6 figure thinking)
*Systemizing your life – Building your life model​
*Environment – Optimizing for default patterns​
*Routine – automating success​
*Delegating – Hiring where it hurts​

Week four in NLP Business Program

At week 4 we will teach you how to build and set up an off-line and automatic selling NLP business asset. In a digital funnel you must break down false beliefs and opposition from your potential customers, which discourage them from buying and turn total strangers into high-paying customers while you are asleep.

* Design the three keys to your success video
* Setup of your lean asset
* Choosing your company and domain name
* Settlement of your business website.
* Success video directions (and PowerPoint downloads)
* Developing your business lean asset
* Designing your business video and offline selling automation 

Week five in NLP Business Program

In Week 5 we talk about organizing service delivery and business operations so that you can serve your customers, deliver results while maintaining your health and a high profit margin.

*Economic machine at high level​
*Feeding the machine: ROI feedback​
*Systems tracking – knowing your numbers​
*Lean thinking​ process
*Building your ‘personal’ asset​
*Long term winning in business

Week six in NLP Business Program

Scott will be presenting the next development in your business during week 6, and how you can take over your whole niche. During week 6. The development and delivery of group coaching and online programs, which can be sold globally via webinars and group sales, is included. This evolution is crucial if you are ready to destroy and embarrass your competition.


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